TF4321 White Primer

  • TF4321 White Primer

    TF4321 White Primer TF4321

    Description: Polyurethane two-component white sealer for use on MDF and whiteboard. This undercoat has high solids delivering very good surface build with excellent hiding power/coverage, good sandability and good vertical spraying characteristics. TF4321 is a fast curing, quick drying primer with good holdout, allowing efficient production schedules. Excellent coverage creates a good base on MDF for polyurethane topcoats.

    Mixing Ratio: 2 parts TF4321 to 1 part TV4271
    Appearance: White
    Colour Match: Able to be tinted to similar or recommended shade for topcoat (especially for dark colours)
    Quantity Available: 25Kg (18.38L), 10L, 4L
    For Use: as an undercoat for TH4401 or TH4501 or TH4532
    Gloss Level:
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