EG1351 Laqva Top

  • EG1351 Laqva Top

    EG1351 Laqva Top EG1351

    Description: One component, waterborne pigmented topcoat for use on furniture and fittings. This waterborne topcoat is available in standard Becker White or can be tinted to match most colours. EG1351 has a low VOC content of 16.3-27.6 g/L and any level of tinting will not increase the VOC content.  This paint is fast drying and productivity can be accelerated by forced drying. EG1351 has good smoothness to the touch and delivers an attractive, tough and resistant surface finish. Not designed for use in high wear or wet/moist areas, if required use Two Pack Waterborne (Low VOC) EF4502 & EH4120.

    Please refer to assessment on for applicable green building rating tools.

    Appearance: White
    Colour Match: Able to be colour matched to most colours
    Quantity Available: 20L, 10L, 9.4L (Becker white only), 4L
    For Use: as a topcoat over undercoat ED1225 and DF1324 (AC)
    Gloss Level: Matt 10%, 30% Satin
    Note: VOC certification available
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