waterborneKombiton stains in their basic form are entirely free of solvents. Like all waterborne products, they may cause some fibre-raising, although this can usually be minimized with the right sanding technique. Waterborne stains create a somewhat different stain effect than their solventborne counterparts. They are fast drying and can be used on all types of wood substrate. It is generally true of all stains that application on newly sanded substrates gives the best continuous stain result. Coarse sanding produces a darker stain, fine sanding a lighter one.

Kombiton stains are relatively opaque and have virtually the same properties as older solvent-borne stains, but offer some environmental gains, not least a substantial reduction in solvent emissions. These stains are the best stain system for dipping, but can also be applied by conventional spray or roller.

Kombiton stains produce a smooth, uniform surface and are available in a standard range of colours or can be matched to an almost unlimited spectrum of custom samples from classical colours to pastel tones. Kombiton colour shades can vary from totally transparent to almost opaque and sufficient to mask defects in the substrate.

Kombiton Stains are very low VOC, with some stains having a VOC content of zero. For custom made colours/shades we can calculate the VOC content after it has been colour matched.

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  • Preservative wood stain.

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  • Kombition KOMBITION

    Water based stain for colouring/staining timber and veneer substrates with an equalised effect. This stain uses a special binder designed to assist the applicator achieving a uniform colour.

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