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two parck paints &  clears“Sherwin-Williams 2K Waterborne PU revolutionises the wood coatings industry by ticking all of the boxes…low VOC and non-yellowing with all the durability and performance of solvent-based PU”

So you want LOW VOC and environmental credentials but also need the finish to be as good as the normal two pack you usually specify? Look no further as Sherwin-Williams’s range of genuine ‘Two Pack’ Waterborne Polyurethanes are formulated with a new generation of resins to provide surface characteristics and performance comparable to conventional solvent based PU, but with much lower impact on the environment and health of the applicator.

Sherwin-Williams 2K Waterborne is low VOC, meaning it is suitable for use in sensitive environments such as childcare centres and health campuses and for those who suffer from conditions like asthma. Furthermore this 2K Waterborne range of coatings is your solution when a project has restrictions on emissions. This product range is NMP (normal metyl pirrolidone) free as requested by the most stringent European laws.

The acrylic nature of the resins used deliver excellent non-yellowing surface characteristics and the pigments used for lacquered finishing are the highest in light stability. From extensive R & D we bring to the market waterborne coatings with fast curing times comparable to solvent based PU, which can also be accelerated from ventilated ovens.

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