Two Pack Polyurethane Paints & Clears

Two Pack Polyurethane Paints & Clears“World class, reliable, high performance polyurethane finishes from Italy’s premier manufacturer”

Polyurethane (PU) products are two pack coating systems in which hydroxyl groups (part A) react with isocyanate resin (part B).  Known for their excellent durability and resistance properties particularly against heat and moisture, these products are also able to achieve very high gloss levels. PU products are free from formaldehyde and Sherwin-Williams has developed a patented process, which ensures extremely low levels of free isocyanate, far below the officially prescribed levels and those attained by other brands on the market.

Substantial R&D and continued focus to deliver their home Italian market with top shelf quality finishes has meant Sherwin-Williams Italia polyurethanes are second to none. This range utilises a variety of resins to allow our products to meet the needs of all types of clients and still maintain extremely good performance results. Our PU is fast curing with generally very high solid contents, ensuring manufacturing efficiency and very competitive costs per m2. Sherwin-Williams PU also boasts excellent transparency, chemical resistance and physical properties.

For protection to timber/veneer substrates from colour change caused by UV/sun light, we recommend the addition of UV Prohibitor XT170-5151 - please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for additional information.  

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