TL4371 Clear Sealer

  • TL4371 Clear Sealer

    TL4371 Clear Sealer TL4371

    Description: Polyurethane two-component clear sealer for use on veneer and solid timbers such as furniture, kitchens and doors (interior). Properties include: very good covering power and build, very good sandability and fast curing. Good thixotropic qualities allow for easy application on vertical surfaces and make it an ideal sealer for use on chairs and wall panelling. TL4371 uses ‘low yellowing’ hardeners designed specifically to reduce the yellowing of the coating itself. For protection against colour change of the timber substrate a UV prohibitor* can be added to TL4371 before application.

    Mixing Ratio: 2 parts TL4371 to 1 part TV4271
    Appearance: Clear
    Colour Match: N/A
    Quantity Available: 25L, 10L, 4L
    For Use: as a sealer for TM4060 or TC4259
    Gloss Level:
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