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Single Pack Paints & ClearsSherwin-Williams Single Pack Waterborne finishes are an exciting and real alternative to solvent based coatings in the furniture industry. These Waterborne finishes are low VOC, meaning they are suitable for use in sensitive environments such as childcare centres and health campuses and for those who suffer from conditions like asthma. Moreover this range of coatings is your solution when a project has restrictions on emissions. This range consists of:

Lacroma clear, multi-coat lacquers which are available in degrees of sheen from matt to glossy. They produce high-bodied surfaces, dry fast and are easy to use in production. They result in a finish which conforms to basic Möbelfakta standards for tabletops. They can be applied by spraying, rolling, dipping or by curtain coater. They can be dried at room temperature or at raised temperatures, as in a convection or IR-curing oven.

Laqva Prime pigmented primers for use on fibreboard as well as solid wood. These products are noted for their high-build properties and are available in several qualities, including:

  • roller quality with excellent hiding power
  • an all-round spray or curtain primer
  • a variant for extra high-bodied surfaces
  • a variant for over coating with acid catalysed topcoats

Laqva Top is Sherwin-Williams range of single pack waterborne pigmented topcoats. The products are fast-drying, permit easy production and are available in any degree of sheen from matt to glossy. Laqva Top can be tinted to match most colours and are applied by means of spraying, curtain coating or by roller. This product range also includes a textured variant and an  ‘industrial’ finish variant suitable for applications such as the backs of bookcases.

Please note, not all products (and gloss levels) in each segment above are ‘stocked’ in Australia. Please refer to the products listed in this category for stocked items. If you have specific needs for which Sherwin-Williams have a product to suit, we are more than happy to discuss with you and arrange supply.

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