TH4401-Tex Pigmented Topcoat

  • TH4401-Tex Pigmented Topcoat

    TH4401-Tex Pigmented Topcoat TH4401-TEX

    Description: Polyurethane two-component ‘textured’ pigmented topcoat with very good surface hardness, excellent water resistance and good resistance to marking. This paint has excellent build and covering power making it one of the most efficient and cost effective finishes available. A pleasant texture effect is achieved chemically during the curing process ensuring the finish is not rough and makes cleaning simple.

    Mixing Ratio: 2 parts TH4401-TEX to 1 part TV4271
    Appearance: White
    Colour Match: Able to be tinted to most colours
    Quantity Available: 25Kg(17.6L), 10L, 4L, 2L, 1L
    For Use: as a textured topcoat over TF4321, TF4361 or P2299
    Gloss Level:
    Low sheen
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