TF0333 White Primer

  • TF0333 White Primer

    TF0333 White Primer TF0333

    Description: High performance, two-component pigmented polyurethane primer for use on MDF and whiteboard.  This undercoat has excellent build and covering power for preparing your substrate as well as good elasticity characteristics.  TF0333 allows for easy sanding and its fast drying times ensure efficient production schedules can be met.  Using TV0050 Elastic hardener reduces surface cracking.

    Mixing Ratio: 2 parts TF0333 to 1 part TV0050 (Elastic) or TV4171
    Appearance: White
    Colour Match: Able to be tinted to similar or recommended shade for topcoat (especially for dark colours)
    Quantity Available: 25Kg 
    For Use: as an undercoat for TH4401 or TH4501 or TH4532 or TH0089
    Gloss Level: N/A
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