NT573 Retarder Thinner

  • NT573 Retarder Thinner

    NT573 Retarder Thinner NT573

    Description: Retarder thinner/slow reducer for use in small amounts in single pack precatalysed, two pack acid catalysing, two pack polyurethane, two pack acrylic polyurethane and stain products. Designed to assist in avoiding problems such as blooming/chilling, overspray, drying too fast in hot conditions etc. Please refer to your technical representative for assistance.

    Compatible with: NM86920, NM800, NM1320, NA1320, DM307, DM308, DM1516, DC810, DH390, DH335, DH311, DH309, DH310, TM4060, TC4259, TH4401, TH4401-TEX, TH4501, SM4006, SC4220
    Quantity Available 4L, 20L, 40L (2 x 20L), 60L (3 x 20L), 200L