CM1510-MET Metallic (pigmented) Topcoat

  • CM1510-MET Metallic (pigmented) Topcoat

    CM1510-MET Metallic (pigmented) Topcoat CM1510-MET

    Description: Two-pack metallic finishes for timber furniture & fittings. These acid catalyst coatings allow manufacturers to deliver a commercial metallic finish without the huge expense and difficulty of using automotive products. These two-pack metallic finishes give excellent colour coverage over white primer thus removing the base colour coat associated with other brand metallic finishes and further reducing both the material cost and more importantly the labour costs required to achieve this type of finish. The formaldehyde emission in the finishing process and from the coated surface is below the E1 chamber value for board. These products bring the finished metallic look into an acceptable price category for the kitchen & shop fitting industry. This two-pack metallic range is available in satin 30%, semi-gloss 50-60% and texture. For a gloss finish the metallic needs to be over coated with CC1510 non-yellowing gloss.

    Mixing Ratio: 10 parts CM1510 Metallic to 1 part DV311
    Appearance: N/A
    Colour Match:
    Please refer to our metallic colour card. If you have a sample you wish to match please contact us for more information.
    Quantity Available: 20L, 10L, 4L, 2L, 1L
    For Use: as a topcoat over DF1324. For compatibility and application advice please contact us for more information.
    Gloss Level:
    30% Satin, 60% Semi-gloss (for full gloss, metallic must be over-coated with CC1510, please contact us for application information)
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