CM1510 ‘Non Yellowing’ Clear Multicoat

  • CM1510 ‘Non Yellowing’ Clear Multicoat

    CM1510 ‘Non Yellowing’ Clear Multicoat CM1510

    Description: Two pack acid catalysing lacquer for furniture and fittings with excellent properties for use on light coloured timbers/veneers. Formulated using special binders to prevent the lacquer yellowing with age or yellowing caused by heat. This high build quality product with solids of 43% is formulated to give a full finish with minimum amount of coats and leaves the surface feeling smooth and silky. Fast curing and easy sanding makes this an ideal lacquer for fast running production lines. This product is free from aromatic hydrocarbons.

    NB: To provide protection to the substrate from Sun/UV light add XT17-5060 UV prohibitor-please refer to data sheet or contact us for more information.

    Mixing Ratio: 10 parts CM1510 to 1 part DV311
    Appearance: Clear Water White (Non Yellowing)
    Colour Match: N/A
    Quantity Available: 20L, 10L, 4L
    For Use: CM1510 is a MULTICOAT Product
    Gloss Level:
    3% Matt-Matt (natural), 10% Matt, 30% Satin, 40% Satin, 60% Semi-gloss
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