DF1324 Care E1 White Undercoat

  • DF1324 Care E1 White Undercoat

    DF1324 Care E1 White Undercoat DF1324

    Description: Two pack acid catalysing, high performance pigmented undercoat with a very high solid content of approximately 67%. The great characteristic of this product is that the formulation delivers superior fill so minimum amount of coats are needed to achieve the desired finish. Rapid drying and excellent free sanding minimises down time between coats. A primer for use on furniture and fittings as well as the undercoating of MDF board and is particularly suitable for fast production lines. Low formaldehyde emission during application, drying and from dried surface. The emission from the treated surface is below the chamber value for particleboard of E1. This product is free from aromatic hydrocarbons.

    Mixing Ratio: 10 parts DF1324 to 1 part DV311
    Appearance: White
    Colour Match: Able to be tinted to similar colour to topcoat (especially for dark colours)
    Quantity Available: 20L, 10L, 4L
    For Use: as an undercoat for DH390, DH335, DH311, DH310, DH309 and Metallic’s (Acid Cat)
    Gloss Level:
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