FF810 Clear Sealer

  • FF810 Clear Sealer

    FF810 Clear Sealer FF810

    Description: Two pack acid catalysing sealer for MDF board and timber / veneer substrates. This product yields a very high build from a solid content of 45%, with special properties for sealing and enhancing the natural characteristics of timber. FF810 is fast curing, with easy sanding that minimises down time between coats. This sealer has low formaldehyde emission during application, drying and from the dried surface. The emission from the treated surface is below the chamber value for particleboard of E1. This product is free from aromatic hydrocarbons.

    Mixing Ratio: 10 parts FF810 to 1 part DV311
    Appearance: Clear
    Colour Match: N/A
    Quantity Available: 20L, 10L, 4L
    For Use: as a sealer under DM307 or DC810
    Gloss Level:
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