TUL3530/00 Acrylic Basecoat

  • TUL3530/00 Acrylic Basecoat

    TUL3530/00 Acrylic Basecoat TUL3530/00

    Description:  Two component, acrylic polyurethane, completely transparent sealer designed for use on light coloured veneer and solid timbers in finishing furniture, kitchens, doors and commercial interiors. This sealer has very fast drying, good build and sandability characteristics, making it an ideal choice for busy workshops.  TUL3530/00 has excellent non-yellowing properties (the coating film itself) and the specifier/user can further enhance the performance of this finish by specifying it to have UV prohibitor added - use code TUL3530/00-UV.


    Mixing Ratio:  100 parts TUL3530/00 to 30 parts THL3355/00 hardener
    Appearance: Clear
    Quantity Available: 25L, 10L, 5L
    For Use: Acrylic transparent basecoat
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