Waterborne UV

waterborne UVWaterborne UV-curing products are handled in roughly the same way as conventional waterborne lacquers, but they offer greater resistance and higher Möbelfakta ratings. These products require a shorter flash-off time after application, before the surface can be exposed to UV light. The next coat can then be applied. This may be a conventional waterborne product or an additional coat using a waterborne UV-curing product.


Aqualight is a safe, rapid-drying UV system. It simplifies handling, enhances the end result, and creates the right conditions for a better environment. With Aqualight, we have overcome the limitations of conventional UV products. There is a logical explanation. Aqualight quite simply combines the potential of new UV technology with the application flexibility of waterborne technology. This produces a finish and surface resistance fully comparable with conventional finishing techniques.


For profiled substrates too

One of the main advantages of Aqualight is the greater freedom it gives for finishing a broad range of surfaces, whether profiled or planar. With Aqualight on your application line, results will be consistently good: beautiful, strong and resistant surfaces – down to the smallest detail.


The environment – first and foremost

Aqualight is a fine symbol of the high priority we give the environment. Aqualight contains only small amounts of solvents, sparing the environment from unnecessary emissions. Machines and other line equipment can be cleaned with water, which can then be recycled in the production process.


Safe work environment

No organic solvents mean cleaner air. Aqualight gives a safer, more pleasant working environment. With Aqualight, we have effectively eliminated the risk of skin irritation. This has been demonstrated by impartial toxicological tests conducted by, among others, Scantox in Denmark. Aqualight helps avoid unnecessary allergies and skin problems.


Cost-effective production

The development of UV technology has resulted in new finishing systems which offer promising production and economic benefits. Aqualight can be applied in existing facilities with only minor adjustments. You often gain valuable space and manage with little or no investment in new equipment. Easier handling and shorter curing times also mean time gains. You can increase production per unit of time and make it more cost-effective.


Aqualight Prime, Clear and Top

Aqualight Prime is a waterborne primer with high body and very fast water resistance aimed for MDF-substrates. Aqualight Clear is a waterborne lacquer, which ensures good wetting even on dark substrates. It is pH-neutral, which means that you avoid discoloration when surface treating substrates such as oak. Aqualight Top is a waterborne paint that, thanks to its high hiding power, can be applied in a single film, unlike conventional UV products. Aqualight is available for both spray and curtain application, and can be applied on top of waterborne and UV-curing primers.


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