HI20**/00 Wood Stain

  • HI20**/00 Wood Stain

    HI20**/00 Wood Stain HI20**/00

    Description:  Waterborne impregnating stain used as a treatment of exterior wood.  Its UV protection gives excellent flexibility to temperature changes and to prevent the natural aging 'grey tone' in timber.  Its special formulation lets wood breathe, preserving its natural beauty.  The transparent iron oxides provide good light fastness and absorb UV rays, protecting the wood from the weather and elements.  HI20**/00 has excellent blocking properties on timber with high tannin content.  These stains can be over-coated with the exterior topcoats HF20**/00 or wax effect topcoats HI2310/00 and HI2311/00.

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