HI22**/00 Wax Effect Stain

  • HI22**/00 Wax Effect Stain

    HI22**/00 Wax Effect Stain HI22**/00

    Description:  HI22**/00 is a wax effect waterborne wood coating & stains leaving its natural look unchanged (thin film).  The special wax contained in this product gives excellent water-repellent properties.  This also gives better stability to the coated item, ensuring additional protection against the disaggregating action of water if compared to waterborne systems with conventional protective wood stain (for example HI20**/00).  For improved resistance to UV rays, instead of totally clear systems, we recommend coloured versions , which contain irn oxide pigments (except for clear version).  ** denotes the gloss level.

    Compared to similar solvent-based protective stains, they have the following advantages: -

    • No aromatic and aliphatic solvent emissions
    • Drastic reduction in solvent emissions
    • Better colour evenness
    • Faster coating systems
    • Thin with water

    Available in Light Walnut, Walnut, Dark Walnut & Mahogany

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