NM86920 Clear Lacquer

  • NM86920 Clear Lacquer

    NM86920 Clear Lacquer NM86920

    Description: An economical, pre-catalysed clear lacquer available in various gloss levels. This high build, concentrated product is formulated to give a very full finish with minimum amount of coats and leaves the surface feeling smooth and silky.  Free from aromatic hydrocarbons, this product is also suitable for the wetting treatment of all types of timber substrates for interior use.

    Appearance: Clear
    Colour Match: N/A
    Quantity Available: 20L, 10L, 4L
    For Use: NM86920 is a MULTICOAT Product. Can be used as a topcoat over NF156
    Gloss Level: 10% Matt, 30% Satin, 60% Semi-gloss, Full gloss
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