EH4120 Pigmented Topcoat

  • EH4120 Pigmented Topcoat

    EH4120 Pigmented Topcoat EH4120

    Description: This two component, waterborne pigmented topcoat is part of a coating system that revolutionises the wood coating industry by ticking all the boxes. EH4120 is LOW VOC, meaning it is suitable for use in sensitive environments or projects with restrictions on emissions. This topcoat has a VOC content of  74.1 g/L (mixed with EV4345 hardener) and no amount of tinting will increase the VOC content. Furthermore EH4120 is high build with all the durability and appeal of conventional two packs, as well as excellent covering power, very good surface feel/slipperiness and very good surface hardness.

    Please refer to assessment on for applicable green building rating tools

    Mixing Ratio: 10 parts EH4120 to 1 part EV4345
    Appearance: White
    Colour Match: Can be tinted to most colours
    Quantity Available: 25Kg/21.22L, 10L, 4L
    For Use: as a topcoat over EF4502
    Gloss Level: 10% Matt, 30% Satin
    Note: VOC certification available
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    IMPORTANT: Ensure hardener is mixed in by mechanical stir for 5 minutes