EM1503 Lacroma Clear – with UV Prohibitor

  • EM1503 Lacroma Clear – with UV Prohibitor

    EM1503 Lacroma Clear – with UV Prohibitor EM1503 UV

    Description: One component, waterborne clear lacquer for use on furniture and fittings of most woods. This waterborne lacquer is fast drying, being especially designed for forced drying, and provides for easy sanding. EM1503 is ‘self sealing’ with good transparency qualities over dark coloured substrates and delivers a tough and resistant surface finish. EM1503 is low VOC, with a VOC content of 73.8 g/L making it suitable for use in sensitive environments or on projects with emissions restrictions. EM1503 is not designed for use in high wear or wet/moist areas, if required use Two Pack Waterborne (Low VOC) EL4230 & EM4530.

    This special version of EM1503 is supplied with UV Prohibitor (benzotriazole, triazine UVabsorbers & HALS) designed to improve the UV resistance and reduce the discolouration/yellowing of timber veneers (natural, dyed and reconstituted). UV-Absorbers prevent the breakdown of both the coating and the substrate by filtering out the UV rays. HALS stabilizers act as radical scavengers, significantly reducing the effect of UV exposure to both the coating and substrate. As per the manufacturer guidelines, this addition of UV Prohibitor will provide protection to timber substrates for a period of up to 12 months.

    Please refer to assessment on ecospecifier.com.au for applicable green building rating tools

    Appearance: Clear
    Colour Match: N/A
    Quantity Available: 20L, 10L, 4L
    For Use: EM1503-UV is a MULTICOAT Product
    Gloss Level: 5% Natural, 10% Matt, 30% Satin
    Note: VOC certification available
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